Best Lab PRP Centrifuge Machine Manufacturer and Supplier China (2023)

The advancement in technology has played an important role in the medical industry. Medical testing has become extremely common in today’s time.

Nonetheless, certain factors need to be considered before proceeding with technological advancements.

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PRP Centrifuge is one of the best advancements in technology. Before proceeding to purchase a PRP centrifuge, it is essential to make PRP centrifuge machine comparisons.

However, medical professionals are aware of the entire process. Hence, they can focus on getting the best PRP centrifuge.

The PRP machine price varies significantly from one place to another.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial to understand the impact and how it is changing the medical industry.

What type of centrifuge is used for PRP?

PRP is an extremely complex medical process. Hence, it is for this reason that the best PRP centrifuge machine is used.

The PRP centrifuge machine follows low-volume PRP extraction.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Centrifuge Machine PM4P

The Centrifuge has a needle that helps to strengthen and concentrate the blood. Medical centrifuges are available in the market in PRP kits themselves.

These are specialized centrifuges that help to precool, separate, and eventually concentrate the blood. The different stages of the PRP machine are meant for different purposes.

What is PRP used for?

Platelet-rich plasma is a technique used mostly in medical procedures. It also has cosmetic benefits. Some of the common uses of PRP include the following.

Hair Loss

According to doctors, many of them use PRP to boost hair growth. Hair Loss is widespread in people.

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However, according to doctors, PRP injections can help prevent androgenic alopecia, which is the male pattern baldness.

Acute injuries

PRP injections help treat various sports injuries such as knee sprains and pulled hamstring muscles.

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Osteoarthritis can turn out to be chronic. Doctors recommend taking PRP injections to people suffering from osteoarthritis.

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Moreover, several studies have found that PRP injections can be more effective than hyaluronic acid injections.

Tendon injuries

Tendons are the most important part of the body.

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However, due to their elasticity, they are very slow to heal. Some of the chronic tendon issues include tennis elbow, jumper knee, Achilles tendonitis. Individuals suffering from such conditions should consider taking PRP injections.

Skin rejuvenation

PRP injections can be beneficial for boosting collagen production. Dermatologists recommend PRP injection to rejuvenate the older skin.

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Wound healing

One of the most common applications of PRP injections is boosting the process of wound healing.

Patients who undergo trauma often need time to heal. PRP injections can, however, help to enhance the wound healing process.

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How do you Centrifuge blood for PRP?

Different settings are taken care of to ensure centrifugation of blood. Centrifugation of blood ensures recooling and separation.

However, it is necessary to maintain the speed and time to avoid any complexities while preparing the centrifuge for blood.

PRP Centrifuge Settings

PRP follows the process of differential centrifugation. The adjusted acceleration force is helped to collect the sediment of the cellular constituent, which will vary significantly.

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As per the results, PRP centrifuge settings through the buffy-coat method too.

It is usually prepared in a concentrated environment. The separation of PRP is conducted within a Centrifuge. There are different levels of spins, each of which is divided in time and speed.

These factors, however, depend on the collection method. Small fluctuations in the settings can eventually dilute the product instead of promoting the separation process.

The first spin is done for 10 minutes at 2400 pm. However, the second spin is conducted 15 minutes at 3600 RPM.

To promote tissue culture hood, the centrifuge follows the No brake settings.

Here is a video about how to get PRP with a PRP centrifuge machine for your reference.

PRP Centrifuge Speed and Time

It is extremely crucial to maintain the speed and time for PRP Centrifuge.

The PRP Centrifuge process is one of the most crucial ones to follow and can significantly assist various medical processes.

The use of accurate speed and time only ensures that the blood is centrifuged properly.

Although there are new advancements in the PRP centrifuge with each passing day, it is necessary to follow the standard one.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to note that the speed and time you use for blood centrifuge will also vary depending on the presence of blood cells.

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Traditionally, there are two types of spins followed by the recooling procedure. If the blood isn’t chilled, you need to centrifuge the blood at a slow speed.

This helps to ensure that the plasma effectively separates from the red blood cells. Ten minutes is the standard time to centrifuge blood.

However, in many cases, the individuals may need to speed up the process for a longer time to ensure better concentration. 10-15 minutes is the ideal time to centrifuge blood.

The general speed for the blood centrifuge process to obtain PRP in a concentrated manner is 2400-3600 RPM. Speed and time are related to each other in terms of blood centrifuge.

What speed centrifuge for PRP?

To obtain a highly concentrated centrifuge, it is essential to maintain the standard process. The speed of the Centrifuge will vary depending on the time used and the separation requirement.

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The weight or concentration of the blood to be centrifuged too has an important role in determining the speed. 2500-3500 RPM is considered to be the standard time.

It is extremely crucial to note the number of spins within the centrifuge for a better idea.

PRP centrifuge Machine Price

Medical professionals need a high-quality PRP machine to ensure that they get the best. The PRP machine prices will vary significantly depending on different factors.

Hence, it is essential to consider these factors before making a choice.

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How much does a PRP Centrifuge cost?

It is necessary to consider the mode from which you are purchasing the PRP Centrifuge. The PRP testing kits are often more cost-effective.

However, the PRP machine prices are extremely high. In the online market, the price of a PRP centrifuge varies from $200-$250.

However, there are cheap ones as well. But, if you want to use it for medical purposes, you need to purchase high-quality ones.

Before you head on to purchase a PRP machine, you need to understand what purpose you want it for. As we’ve read so far, PRP Centrifuges are extremely beneficial for medical purposes.

However, you need to understand whether you need an individual Centrifuge machine or with the entire kit.

The testing kit is slightly affordable because the Centrifuge in them isn’t that comprehensive.

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Nonetheless, you need to get an individual Centrifuge if you need the Centrifuge completely for medical purposes.

The individual Centrifuge for PRP technique is costly. It can cost from $200 and even go up to $750.

No matter what model you purchase the CRP machines from, it is necessary to check if it has all the features you’re looking for or not.

Dr PRP Centrifuge cost

Many different Centrifuge manufacturers produce PRP Centrifuge. Dr. PRP Centrifuge is one of the most renowned brands PRP Centrifuge.

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The Doctor PRP Centrifuge costs around $300-$700. The price of Dr. PRP Centrifuge is highly affe11cted by the size.

Moreover, PRP kits are available, too, ranging between $1.5 to $7.99 per piece.

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Eclipse PRP Centrifuge cost

The eclipse PRP Centrifuge costs around $650 to $1100 per unit. Nonetheless, you will need to spend more if you want a full-fledged PRP Centrifuge.

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PRP Centrifuges are extremely convenient and can be helpful in the long run. Eclipse is a renowned brand and offers some of the best PRP machines with extensive features.

Plen Medical PRP Centrifuges Price

The PRP Centrifuge costs from Plen Medical are about 300$, especially our mini portable PRP centrifuge machine.

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Mini Portable Low-Speed PRP Centrifuge Machine for Sale PM4D

PRP Centrifuge Procedure

1. After cleaning and disinfection, the doctor’s assistant will draw 10-20ml of blood from your elbow vein with a PRP vacuum blood collection tube.

This step is the same as the blood draw during the physical examination. It can be completed in 5 minutes with only minor pain.

2. The doctor will use PRP Centrifuge at 4000 rpm to separate various components in the blood. This step is about 10-20 minutes.

After that, the blood will be separated into four layers, PPP, PRP, separated substances and red blood cells from top to bottom.

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3. The PRP set of equipment used can solve the problems of the complicated process, cumbersome configuration and long production cycle required to make PRP technology in the past.

Doctors only need a PRP blood sampling separation tube to extract platelets containing a high concentration of platelets and a high concentration of growth factors on the spot.

4. Finally, the doctor will inject the growth factors into the skin of the area you need to improve. This process will not feel pain and usually only takes 10-20 minutes.

The door cover of the PRP centrifuge adopts an electronic door lock. If the door cover is not properly closed (the door lock is not locked), the instrument cannot be started.

When the instrument is running, press the door lock button, and the door cover cannot be opened.

It would help if you pressed the door lock button when the rotation speed is zero to open the door cover to ensure the instrument’s safety in use.


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